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European style VS. American style Cabinet

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

How to quickly distinguish which is which?

In the kitchen, the cabinet is one of the necessary pieces of furniture. Kitchen cabinets can be used not only to store kitchen supplies but also to decorate the kitchen. And as the development of society, the style of the kitchen also gradually diversified. There are 2 main styles we can find in most people's kitchens. One is European style, and the other one is American style.

European style also known as frameless cabinet and American style is known as framed cabinet

Image by Bray & Scarff

For customers who want more storage place and accessibility, frameless cabinet would definitely be the best choice. This is due to there is not an inside edge of frame in the cabinet. This allows an easier access to the cabinet interior as well as a large opening to store plates, platters and cookware.

Compared to European-style cabinets, American style will have door mullions between all the doors panel and drawer surfaces, which are attached to the frame. Therefore, if the cabinet has a pair of doors, there will usually be a piece of wood in the middle of the cabinet where the door falls. Doors on American cabinets are usually fastened to the face frame with concealed compact hinges. Also, the price of American style is less expensive than European-style because of the way they made and the materials they are made of.

At ABCabinet, we specialize in manufacturing European-style cabinets which is the style of construction that allows for more flexibility in design and styling. And we are glad to create a special design for you which meet all your need.

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